What is a Website?
Communicating by the World Wide Web
What is a Website Project Conclusion



What is a Website



When I decided to do a project about creating a website I was very excited about it. However, after I started working on this project I found it more complicated because all of the technology and terminology that goes into a website.  


The reason I chose this project is because I wondered how you get the web pages up and how we are able to view them over the internet. This fascinates me how we can communicate with a website and it can be seen all over the world.  It is also interesting on how a website is made.  The sources I used to find my information where Godaddy.com Help Tutorials, two magazines called Website Services Magazine, Website Magazine, also Mrgoodhost.com and Wikipedia.com.


The four basic steps I followed are “How I Got My Website”. I learned that it takes longer than expected and takes much more thinking when it comes to learning about websites.  This project enabled me to see that simple website can be complex because of all the technical steps that were taken to make the website.


In summary, I have learned a lot about the tasks of getting and making a website.  By taking the steps to make a website I was able to obtain a better understanding of a website.  Even though it is complex, it was a great learning experience and I will continue to develop other websites in the future.



By Levi Tate                            whatisawebsite.com