What is a Website?
Communicating by the World Wide Web
Development of a Website

What I Did To Get My Website




Here is some basic steps and what I did to get a website.



1. OK First things first to start you must find a domain registrar by searching the web for one or use your local yellow pages. I used mrgoodhost.com for my registrar.



2. After you’ve done that you need to find a domain name that will tell what the site is about like mine is called whatisawebsite.com you can already tell what its going to be about (what is a website) so with some thought you can find a good name.



3. After you get a domain, you need to setup a web hosting account.  There are many ways to setup a website, but for this project I selected the “Free Web hosting” that came with the domain name registration.  With free web hosting, you simply follow the instructions for setting up your web hosting account.



4.  Once you’ve got your web hosting account you must create and put up content on your site to make it more attractive to the public who search the web.