What is a Website?
Communicating by the World Wide Web
What Makes a Website

Domain Names

A Domain Name is a unique 'web address name' that is used to direct people to your website across the World Wide Web.  You can obtain a domain name thru company that specializes in registering web addresses which are called Domain Registrars.


For example, to a person who is using the web, the domain name is similar to a home address. Think about “Dad’s house” as a home address. If you say you’re going to Dad’s house, then you should know exactly where you’re going, but to the rest of us, we most likely won’t know. However, if you tell us the street address we could make the link between Dads house and the street address so we could find where it is. For the internet or the World Wide Web, the home address (which we call Dads house) is your registered domain name such as (whatisawebsite.com) and the street address is the IP address which is numerous numbers linked to your domain name that shows the computer which web site to go to. Until the computer gets the IP address it will not know which site to go to.


Domain names and IP addresses are linked in a computer that carries domain information called the domain name system (DNS). When you type your domain name into a Web browser, the browser looks for the IP address in the DNS. Domain names are unique. Once you register your domain name, you own it for a limited amount of time from the time you registered at – usually for one to two years at a time.

For a website to have web pages you also need a domain name and a webhost.

A web host is the computer that has the ability to display the website on the World Wide Web so that everyone can see it worldwide.  The web host is a computer, just like you have at home, except that all it does is display websites on the World Wide Web.  Web hosting is the service that provides you with the ability to display your website.